• Discover the healing power of nature

    Close your eyes. Imagine yourself deep in a peaceful, ancient forest of green, or on a sandy beach beside a sparkling blue ocean. Keeping your eyes closed, take ten breaths and immerse yourself in your imagined world. Now, open your eyes again. How do you feel?


    Nature has unlimited power to heal and calm us. Even a micro-moment in an imagined world can help restore us to a better place. Wild Days Out offers immersive wellbeing and healing experiences in the outdoor settings of beautiful Donegal. Using simple mindfulness and meditation techniques, a background in life coaching, and a passion for nature and the outdoors, join me for your chance to wind down and reconnect.


    nature connection walk

    These hour-long walks use techniques of meditation and forest therapy to open us up to the healing and calming power of nature.


    Walking in some of the most beautiful spots in Donegal we spend time learning about the natural world, telling stories, and taking time to be actively present and observant of the life around us.


    Perfect for individuals and small groups, walks are accessible to all abilities.


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    meditation experience

    These walks take you on a journey both physically and mentally for a holistic healing and re grounding experience.


    Research into walking has shown its can help us become more creative and more in connection with our surroundings.

    These walks use meditation techniques as we walk and sit, for an immersive experience away from day to day pressures.


    Perfect for individuals and small groups, walks are accessible to all abilities.


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    We know that not everyone is keen on the idea of mindfulness and meditation. You might just want a great walk, good chat and a bit of craic along the way.


    If you want to explore parts of Donegal the tourists never find, we'll be happy to show you our hidden lanes and secret forests without any of the extras :-)


    Walks can be tailored to ability and time, but generally last two to three hours and involve a mix of road and off road walking.


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  • Anne

    I've been walking with this group since early June- each walk has been around Stranolar, but each one has been different with stunning scenery and gorgeous greenery and great chat and snippets of local history! The weather has been great this summer, but even when it rained the company was always fun and there was always some beautiful view around the corner. You should try it!


    Thanks very much for a great walk this morning and great company.


    A great evening out! Enjoyed my first walk with a lovely group of people on Wednesday evening and hope to join in again next time! Lots of fun and nice scenery too!



    Thank you for facilitating a great walk this morning. the scenery was fantastic and the company was also great. enjoyed it so much. thank you.


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