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A mindful walking hack

a simple way to help you be present in the moment

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How often have you gone for a walk to wind down, but spent the time thinking about work, or a stressful relationship, or some other problem, instead?

You're want to destress, but your brain doesn't take the hint. It gets stuck on the same old thought wheel. Before you know it you're back at home, feeling like you didn't even notice your time outside.

Here's a simple trick to get your brain out of its routine, and put it on a more helpful, more relaxed setting. It involves using your smartphone. I know! I know! Generally I would agree ... switching off from your phone is essential to winding down. But! there are some occasions when we can use it to our advantage. Best to put it on airplane mode, or at least turn off the data plan.

What you have to do is to focus on an activity that directly engages your brain with the world around you. The simplist way to do this is to pick a colour. Then take a photograph of everything of that colour you see on your walk.

Before you know it, your mind will be having fun focussed in the moment. And you'll return home feeling refreshed!

I chose the colour yellow on a recent autumn walk. These photos are the result.

Have fun! And let me know how you get on! Did it work for you? As well as choosing a colour, you could choose a shape, or a type of plant e.g. a tree, or a flower... anything at all that interests you.

Remember to tag me on your photos if you upload them to social media @wilddaysout #wilddaysout

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